Agent 2

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Agent 2
Agent 2
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Occupation Agent
Affiliation Dr. Phineus Phibes;
Agent 1;
Other agents
Family Mother[1]
Production Details
First appearance S&SDGAC: Shags To Riches
Played by Jeff Bennett

Agent #2 is the code name of Jeff[2][3], an agent of Dr. Phineus Phibes.[4] He dislikes his code name because of the meaning of the phrase "number two." [5] He often works with Agent 1, and he is the more dim-witted of the pair. It is he who is often the cause of Dr. Phibes's failures in the most unlikely and hilarious ways to the point that we are left to wonder if he does these things on purpose or not. He has been shown in almost every mission, being blasted,[6] fried, singed, toasted, electrified and scorched [7] but somehow retains the least amount of damage and still keeps his position.

Physical appearance

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Perhaps as a foil to the evil atmosphere of Dr. Phibes and the capability of Agent 1, Agent 2 is the dimwitted and underachieving member, often doing random things that seem to have no source other than for the comic relief of the show. This often incorporates his own fan-boyish obsessions over ninjas, [8] Bacon the Pig, and aliens,[9]. Usually he is the one within the Phibes ranks to cause the pandemonium that soon follows, sometimes even contributing to it[10] (whether this be on purpose or just stupidity is up for debate). A perfect example would be when he panicked about a giant bat based off of a cave painting that he drew. He tends to exaggerate things to an extreme, which can ironically make him a fiercesome foe when he sets his mind to it. A perfect example would be when he used the usually useless ability to grow hair in creative and hilliarous ways [11] ironically making him more of a threat than any other of Dr. Phibes's minions which is probably the reason that he is kept around.

Assuming that the latter reason it not the real reason he is kept around thier are instances where he is plaed in high possitions of power within Dr. Phibes's ranks for no apparent reason or rhyme, a perfect example of this was when he was given the possition of Dr. Phibes's physiologist (apparently having a degree)[12].

Phibes's techies describe him as "Too Unstable to be a guine pig" despite him "wanting to do it". [13]

Ironically again is that he can catch up onto things quicker than Dr. Phibes himself. He was the only one who noticed that "Trebla" is "Albert" spelled backwards, or that Dr. Phibes's mother is a bank robber.

Sometimes Agent 2's shenanigans are soooo outragous and idiotic it makes us wonder just why Dr. Phibes keeps him around, or how he is even alive after being fried so many times by various things that seem inhumane in comparison, or if Agent 2 actually causes the chaos he uses on purpose.


Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue!

Season one

Insert details here. (Shags To Riches)

File:Agents 1 & 2 disguised (High Society).jpg

Insert details here. (High Society Scooby)

Season two

Insert details here. (Shaggy And Scooby World)

Insert details here. (Super Scary Movie Night)

Agent 2 civilian clothes

Agent 2 in civvies

He appears for the first time in civilian clothes, with only a wig as a disguise. (Runaway Robi)

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  • Agent 2 is voiced by Jeff Bennett; the character's supposedly real name is based on Bennett's own first name.


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