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All My Tomorrows
All My Tomorrows title card
Part of Scooby-Doo! #90
# of pages 10
Writer Frank Strom
Penciler Robert W. Pope
Inker Dave Hunt
Colorer Heroic Age
Letterer Nick J. Napolitano
Editor Joan Hilty
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All My Tomorrows is a story in Scooby-Doo! #90 by DC Comics.


The well-known soap opera, All My Tomorrows, is being plagued by a very shadowy phantom.


Insert details here.


Main characters:

Supporting characters:


  • Shadow (single appearance)(no lines)(Monte and Susan Gucci's disguises)
  • Monte (single appearance)(redeemed)
  • Susan Gucci (single appearance)(redeemed)

Other characters:

  • Stone (single appearance)
  • Casting Department worker (single appearance)
  • Monte's clients (single appearance)(photograph)
  • Guy (single appearance)


  • Television studio
    • All My Tomorrows main set
    • Casting Department
    • Spooky Graveyard set
      • Stone's family's Mausoleum
    • Backstage Area
    • Erica Slayzak's dressing room
    • Rigging
    • Hospital set
    • Costume rack area


  • TBA


  • None


Suspect Motive/reason
Director Rude attitude.
Erica Slayzak She knew all about the legend of the Shadow.
Monte Upset that the casting department of All My Tomorrows wouldn't hire any of his clients.


Culprit Motive/reason
Monte and Susan Gucci as the Shadow To scare up a bigger contract for Susan.


  • TBA


The lesser of the two mysteries is still fun to read. Pope provides excellent pencils, and with Dave Hunt's inks he really has settled in as one of the best detailers of the Gang. Pope's other characters in the cast are portrayed in a more realistic style, and the blend makes for an interesting contrast. The monster is a clever concoction, and even if the mystery itself is only passable, the tale provides a good if not great Scooby-Doo diversion. [1]



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