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Annabelle (South America and Transylvania)
Annabel (Amazon and Transylvania)
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Powers and abilities Super strength; super breath
Production Details
First appearance LAL: South America and Transylvania

Annabelle is a giantess who lives on the bank of the Amazon River.

Physical appearance

Annabelle is a brunette, whose height could be measured between 3 to 6 stories tall. She dresses like a Greek goddess, with a lavender toga, gold bracelets, which is very unusual since the Amazon River is 6,034 miles away from Greece. Her hair is styled in a ponytail.


She's very protective of her Amazon River homestead and dislikes pollution.

Powers and abilities

As a giant, she has super strength, and super-human lung capacity, as for example she can blow away Dirty Dalton and Junior Creepley.



She attacked the Really Rottens' team of rafters when they got into her territory, claiming that they were polluting her river. Fortunately for them, when she blew them into the air they landed safely on the river, closer to the finish line. (South America and Transylvania)



  • She speaks English with an American accent rather than a South American one.

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