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Anthony Williams
Gender Male
Occupation Comic book artist

Anthony Williams is a Welsh comic book artist who began his career in the 1980s with Marvel UK, drawing for titles like 'Action Force', 'The Real Ghostbusters' and 'Transformers'. He also drew features like 'Kola Commandos', 'Mean Arena', 'PJ Maybe' and 'Robo-Hunter' for 2000 AD. He eventually went to work for the US companies, and is best known for his work on 'Doctor Fate' (DC), 'The Unfunnies' (with Mark Millar at Avatar Press), the first 'X-Men' movie adaptation (Marvel) and 'Hokum & Hex' (Marvel Razorline).

Other credits include stories with 'Batman', 'Spider-Man', 'Superman' and 'Scooby Doo', including 'Squadron Supreme: New World Order' (Marvel), 'The Superman Monster' (DC), 'Batman: Two Faces' (DC) and Warhammer Monthly (Games Workshop). Also a commercial artist, Williams has illustrated children's books, storyboards and advertising campaigns.[1]

Stories worked on

Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

Issue Title Role
32 The Library Lurker pencils
40 Ghost Tour pencils
42 Good Ghost Haunting pencils
49 Elf King Swing pencils
52 To Haunt Or Not To Haunt pencils
56 The Italian Hellion pencils
58 Creature From The Blue Lagoon pencils
63 Barnstormin' Banshee pencils
64 Hot Springs, Cold Sweat pencils
67 Icy Reception pencils
70 Petrified! pencils
76 Wail Of A Tale pencils
76 Fashion Emergency pencils
81 Under Pressure pencils


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