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Baba Yaga (The House of the Nightmare Witch)
Baba Yaga (The House of the Nightmare Witch)
Vital Statistics
Species Witch
Gender Female
Hair color Gray
Eye color Yellow
Other Statistics
Identity Curator Vronsky
Reason To scare people away from his smuggling operation of Fabergé eggs
Powers and abilities Can control her house, and can fly with her giant mortar
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: The House of the Nightmare Witch
Played by Grey DeLisle

Baba Yaga was the disguise of Curator Vronsky. He used the disguise to scare people away from his smuggling operation of Fabergé eggs.

Physical appearance

She looks like a short old woman with leathery green grey skin and glowing yellow eyes, with sharp teeth and nails. She is dressed in traditional Russian peasant clothing.


Baba Yaga was a demented terrifying creature who delighted in chasing and tormenting her victims. Her chief delight was said to be devouring her victims. She doesn't like uninvited guests in her house. She would give trespassers one break; chasing them out of her house and warn them not to return or else she would hunt them down and devour them. She also had a very loud and scary laugh (because Vronsky was using a voice modulator).

Powers and abilities

She could control her house; commanding it to rise up and attack and capture victims. She could fly by riding a giant mortar, wielding a giant pestle as a clubbing weapon.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Curator Vronsky unmasked

Curator Vronsky unmasked.

Baba Yaga attacked people who came near her house in Russia and when it was transported to Crystal Cove. Mystery Incorporated revealed that it was Curator Vronsky in disguise as Baba Yaga and discovered he used it to scare people away from the Baba Yaga's house exhibit while he smuggled Fabergé eggs in there.


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