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For the original incarnation, see Nedley Blake.

Template:Character Infobox Barty Blake[1] is the husband of Nan and the father of five identical daughters, as well as Daphne.

Physical appearance

Barty Blake is tall and blond. He wears a purple jacket over a white turtle-necked sweater, and purple pants.


He seems stiff and aristocratic. Like his wife he dislikes that Daphne isn't a prodigy like her older sisters and condemns her association with Mystery Inc..


Early life

He attended the wedding of one of his daughters, an unnamed astronaut daughter) who got married in a space-suit. His attire at that wedding included a purple sash, sword, and large gold medallion, suggesting he has a connection with foreign nobility.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

He talked to Daphne about Fred Jones and the gang.

Tried to get Daphne to date Rung Ladderton.

Dropped Daphne off at Darrow University.

The Blakes hosted a dinner party for Mr. Wang. Then later let the gang borrow the family boat.

He and his wife came to get Daphne out of jail. Daphne chose this moment to announce that she and Fred were engaged, to which he fainted at after hearing. He then later showed up after the Freak was caught to take Daphne home.

Season two

He spoke to Fred Jones, Jr. when he came to the door looking for Daphne.

The Blakes held a welcome home party for Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves at their mansion during which the Hodag attacked and robbed the guests of their jewelry.


He, Nan, Brad, and Judy decided to plan Fred's and Daphne's wedding. 










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