The Baywosenthal home is the residence of Arthur Baywosenthal and his parents, Mr. Baywosenthal and Mrs. Baywosenthal.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Daphne Blake babysits Arthur Baywosenthal in the house. Arthur watches TV in the living room, and is then told by Daphne to go to bed. She brings him to his bedroom, and proceeds back down to the living room to read. She then hears Que Horrifico playing the pan flute, and looks out the window to see what is happening. She sees Que Horrifico under a streetlamp, but rushes upstairs to Arthur's room after she hears the sound of a crash. She discovers Arthur has transformed into a monster, and she is chased out of the house by him. She arrives in the street to find Que Horrifico has disappeared.

Later, Daphne talks outside of the house to Mr. Baywosenthal and Mrs. Baywosenthal, Arthur's parents. She asks them how Arthur is doing, and, after Arthur (who is still a monster) reaches out of a second floor window and growls, Mr. Baywosenthal asks Daphne if she has any other questions before he and his wife drive away.