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Big Appetite in Little Tokyo
30 Foot Shaggy stands over a Tokyo village
What's New, Scooby-Doo?
Episode # 201
US Air date September 13, 2003 (The WB)
Written by Jim Krieg
Directed by Scott Jeralds
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Big Appetite in Little Tokyo is the first episode of the second season of What's New, Scooby-Doo?, and the fifteenth episode overall in the series.


Shaggy becomes Tokyo's most wanted when it's believed he can transform into a 30 ft Godzilla-like monster after accidentally eating a cursed pizza.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:




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Suspect Motive/reason
Shaggy Rogers He was cursed to turn into a monster. The monster looked like him.
Elliott Blender He lost again to Velma's invention. He followed the gang to Tokyo.


Culprit Motive/reason
Professor Pomfrit piloting the 30 Foot Shaggy robot Framed Shaggy, out of jealousy of Onodera's wealth.
Dogbot Programmed by Pomfrit. It was used to chew though Shaggy's chains so it would look like he broke loose, and to transport Shaggy.


Frank Welker Scooby-Doo
Fred Jones
30 Foot Shaggy
Casey Kasem Shaggy Rogers
Mindy Cohn Velma Dinkley
Grey DeLisle Daphne Blake
Kimberly Brooks Elliott Blender
Clyde Kusatsu Dr. Akira Onodera
Hotel desk clerk
Mako The Ancient One
William Schallert Professor Pomfrit
Gwendoline Yeo Lt. Keiko Tanaka


Song Credits Performed by
"UREI" Written by Yumi Yoshimura, Ami Onuki, and Andy Sturmer Puffy AmiYumi


  • The "meddling kids" line of the episode is given to Lt. Tanaka, as the villain apologized for his actions.
  • This is also the only episode of What's New, Scooby-Doo? to have the chase scene song played during a police chase instead of a regular monster chase.

Cultural references

Animation mistakes and/or technical glitches

  • None known.

Inconsistencies/continuity errors and/or goofs/oddities

  • Professor Pomfrit must be the greatest robot inventor in the world if he can create a giant, monstrous, robotic version of Shaggy in only a few hours. How did he create something that huge in approximately only a few hours? Furthermore, how did he make the robot appear and disappear almost instantly? The first time he could have stomped to and from miles and hidden it somehow later, and the second time he seemed to have hid it behind a large hotel building. However, it seems to disappear almost instantly the second time without any explanation.
    • Perhaps he used Dogbot to make the Shaggy robot, and to hide it. Dogbot is pure scientific miracle -- it can produce anything out of a tiny body shell even when it couldn't possibly fit and when it doesn't have room for the raw materials much less the production equipment (for example the bed and the fresh-cooked pancakes created at the same time).
  • Elliott Blender is miscredited as "Elliott Binder".

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Greek Περιπέτειες στο Τόκυο
Τερατώδης Όρεξη στο Μικρό Τόκυο
Adventures in Tokyo
Monstrous Appetite in Little Tokyo
Arabic لعنة طوكيو The Curse of Tokyo
Polish Wielkie żarcie w małym Tokio Huge gluttony in little Tokyo

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Fred: Shaggy ate the cursed pizza!

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