Bob Miller's dog
Bob Miller's dog
Vital Statistics
Species Great Dane
Gender Male[Note 1]
Other Statistics
Occupation Show dog
Production Details
First appearance SDWAY: Decoy for a Dognapper

Bob Miller's dog is a champion show dog.

Physical appearance

It is a brown Great Dane, and wears a blue collar.


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season one

With a dognapper in the area, Buck Masters, an influential competitor, advised him to walk his dog only at nights on Beach Boulevard, near the police station. The gang devised a plan to find the dognapper's hideout by taking Bob Miller's place (with Shaggy Rogers as Miller and Scooby-Doo as Miller's champion Great Dane). They succeeded and eventually caught the dognapper's boss, the Indian Witch Doctor, who was actually Buck Masters in disguise. Masters wanted to get rid of the competition for an upcoming contest, and Miller's dog was one of the biggest threats because it was a prize-winning champion.[1]



Bob Miller's dog (head shot)

Animation mistake.

  • The picture of Bob Miller's dog is originally shown in full, but the second time only its head and neck are shown. The word "Champion" also moves from inside the teal background to the white frame. The "p" in "Champion" in the second shot also looks more like a "d". The eye is different in each one too, in the first it's black and in the second the sclera is brown instead of white (which was done for animals, but not humans) which makes it look completely shut as its eyelid is half shut. Its eye dot is also a little above its eyelid.
    • Fred Jones calls it a "photo", although it could be seen as a framed picture.
    • When the scene shifts from Fred holding it, to the entire gang, he's now holding two sheets of empty paper.
    • The photo goes from Fred to Shaggy, but there's no noticeable exchange between them.
  • Inspite of Daphne Blake's wealth (which isn't established until The New Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show episode, No Thanks, Masked Manx, or hadn't been retconned yet like in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo), it doesn't seem likely that the gang would pay out for a new expensive collar, so it's unknown if they faked it or burrowed it from Miller?


  1. Based on the fact Scooby took his place as decoy


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