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Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Hair color Unseen
Eye color Unseen
Other Statistics
Occupation Dance instructor
Affiliation Bill Waxfree, the Phantom of the Wax Museum
Production Details
First appearance The Phantom Rides Again!

Bregére is a dance instructor who took to the sewers of Paris, disguising himself as the Phantom of the Follies.

Physical appearance

He wears a blue hat, cape, and mask that completely hides his appearance. This type of costume is common among the 207 "Phantoms" that live in the Paris sewers.


He is obsessed with teaching anyone he meets to dance.


Scooby-Doo (Archie Comics)

He rescued Velma Dinkley after she fell into the sewers, using his personal submarine with robotic arms. He took her to his lair and told her he would teach her to dance well enough to be in the Follies. She obeyed out of fear, until his friend, the Phantom of the Wax Museum, came along and revealed his plans. She escaped by using a trampoline to bounce her way up and out a manhole in time to help catch the museum Phantom.


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