Broken Spine
Broken Spine
Vital Statistics
Type Bookstore and coffee bar
Part of Crystal Cove Spook Museum
Owned by Dale Dinkley; Angie Dinkley (pre-Nibiru)
Other Statistics
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: The Secret Serum

The Broken Spine was a bookstore, gift shop, and coffee bar within the Crystal Cove Spook Museum, owned by Velma Dinkley's parents, Dale and Angie.

When Mystery Inc. destroyed the Evil Entity the universe was altered, creating a town that was unaffected by its influence and thus having no need to make a museum for all the strange phenomena and fake monsters terrorizing Crystal Cove.



Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

The gang looked through an extensive collection of vampire books in the Museum's gift shop.

Velma and Shaggy Rogers went there to look for an incantation to break a curse. While there, they attempted to rekindle their relationship.

The gang went there and met Lady Marmalade, barista and exorcist.

Season two

The gang went there to pretend to look up information about the Krampus.

The gang went there to get information about aliens.

In response to a distress call the gang went there and found the place had been raided by the Gluten Demon.


When the Evil Entity was destroyed, it altered reality for all of Crystal Cove; meaning there was nothing to make profit from. There was no sign above the front door, implying the museum was just a regular shop.



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