Buck Masters

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Buck Masters
Buck Masters
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Occupation Show dog owner
Production Details
First appearance SDWAY: Decoy for a Dognapper
Played by Don Messick

Buck Masters was the owner of Big Red.

Physical appearance

He is a Caucasian male with brown hair and a mustache.


Seemed rather concerned about who dognapped his dog Big Red, even offering a reward to anyone who can find it, but was only throwing himself off of suspicion.


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season one

Buck Masters unmasked

Buck unmasked.

He wanted to win an dog show, so he kidnapped all the other dogs who were a threat and to cover his tracks he dressed up as the Indian Witch Doctor.



  • Buck Masters and Bob Miller have the same initials.
  • It's unclear what relationship Mike and Indian Witch Doctor/Buck Masters had, but it was enough that he knew the former by name.

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