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Casey Kasem
Casey Kasem
Gender Male
Hair Black
Date of Birth (1932-04-27) April 27, 1932 (age 81)
Place of Birth Detroit, Michigan, USA
Occupation Voice actor
Notable Role(s) Shaggy Rogers
Mr. Rogers
Dr. Albert Shaggleford
Colton Rogers

Kemal "Casey" Amin Kasem is a well known DJ and voice actor; best known as the host of the American Top 40 and for providing the voice of Shaggy Rogers from 1969–1997 and then again from 2002-2009. Casey Kasem has now retired from voice acting and he was replaced by Matthew Lillard. He is also known for doing the voice of Robin the Boy Wonder, Alexander Cabot from Josie and the Pussycats and Cliffjumper from the original Transformers series.

Voice roles

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Episode Character
Every episode Shaggy Rogers
Season 1
107. Never Ape an Ape Man Ape Man
114. Go Away Ghost Ship Ghost of Redbeard
116. A Night of Fright is No Delight Col. Beauregard Sanders
Cousin Slicker
Season 2
204. Jeepers, It's The Creeper Mr. Carswell
205. Haunted House Hang-Up Penrod Stillwall
206. A Tiki Scare Is No Fair Lt. Tomoro/
Old man
208. Don't Fool with a Phantom Johnny Sands

The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Episode Character
Every episode Shaggy Rogers
Season 1
102. The Dynamic Scooby-Doo Affair Robin
115. The Caped Crusader Caper Robin
Season 2
202. The Haunted Showboat Alexander Cabot III
Ghost of Injun Joe

The Scooby-Doo Show

Episode Character
Every episode Shaggy Rogers
Season 1
111. A Bum Steer For Scooby Sam Farren
Sam Farren's foreman
Season 2
205. The Spooky Case Of The Grand Prix Race Mr. Osbourne
207. The Creepy Cruise Investor
Season 3
307. The Creepy Case of Old Iron Face Captain Morgan
309. Make A Beeline Away From That Feline Dr. B.B. Bell
Mr. Bixby

The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries

Episode Character
Every episode Shaggy Rogers

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Episode Character
Every episode Shaggy Rogers
Season 1
102. The Sludge Monster From The Earth's Core Mr. Rogers
106. The Babysitter from Beyond Mr. Rogers
Season 2
207. Dog Gone Scooby Mr. Rogers

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Episode Character
Every episode Shaggy Rogers
Season 3
313. E-Scream Virtual Shaggy Rogers (uncredited)

Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue!

Episode Character
Season 1
102. More Fondue For Scooby-Doo Dr. Albert Shaggleford
103. High Society Scooby Dr. Albert Shaggleford
104. Party Arty Dr. Albert Shaggleford
105. Smart House Dr. Albert Shaggleford
106. Lightning Strikes Twice Dr. Albert Shaggleford
109. Chefs Of Steel Dr. Albert Shaggleford
110. Almost Ghosts Dr. Albert Shaggleford
111. Pole To Pole Dr. Albert Shaggleford
112. Big Trouble Dr. Albert Shaggleford
113. Operation Dog And Hippy Boy Dr. Albert Shaggleford
Season 2
201. Shaggy And Scooby World Dr. Albert Shaggleford
203. Inside Job Dr. Albert Shaggleford
204. Zoinksman Dr. Albert Shaggleford
205. The Many Faces Of Evil Dr. Albert Shaggleford
206. Cruisin' For A Bruisin' Dr. Albert Shaggleford
207. There's A Doctor In The House Dr. Albert Shaggleford
208. Super Scary Movie Night Dr. Albert Shaggleford
209. Runaway Robi Dr. Albert Shaggleford
210. Don't Get A Big Head Dr. Albert Shaggleford
211. Scooby Dudes Dr. Albert Shaggleford
212. Zoinks The Wonder Dog Dr. Albert Shaggleford
213. Uncle Albert Alert Dr. Albert Shaggleford

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Episode Character
Season 1
101. Beware The Beast From Below Colton Rogers
102. The Creeping Creatures Colton Rogers
112. The Shrieking Madness Colton Rogers
126. All Fear The Freak Colton Rogers
Season 2
226. Come Undone Colton Rogers (uncredited)

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