Cassidy Williams's diary

The diary belonged to Cassidy Williams, a former member of the original Mystery Incorporated.


Early history

She revealed her love for co-member, Ricky Owens, and her romantic fantasizes about him. She also logged about what her gang was up to. One entry mentioned about searching for the cursed treasure in Darrow Mansion.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

When the next Mystery Incorporated planned on going to the mansion, Angel Dynamite showed them Cassidy's diary. She told them Mr. E put it on her doorstep (although it didn't have his trademark seal), but in reality Angel was the secret identity of Cassidy. This discrepency tipped Velma Dinkley to finding out the truth about her.



"Dear Diary,
Man, I dig Ricky. Last night I fantasized that he took me in his big strong arms on a magic carpet ride, all the way to the mysterious perfumed gullies of Romance-sylvania."

"Dear Diary,
In our quest to track down the cursed treasure, we leave tonight to search the site of the old Darrow mansion."

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