Cheese Volcano (appetizer)

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This article is about the appetizer. For the restaurant it's served at, see Cheese Volcano.
Cheese Volcano (dish)

Chazz Larkin wheeling in the Cheese Volcano.

Cheese Volcano is the famous appetizer served at the restaurant of the same name.

Physical appearance

It resembles a yellow volcano, that spills gooey cheese.


Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

The Cheese Volcano was the only food left that would save Chazz Larkin's restaurant closing from the Yeti attack, but had to cook it in the Mystery Machine's makeshift kitchen, since the his own kitchen had been demolished by the Yeti. After Daphne Blake kept the customers from leaving by doing a stand-up routine, he brought it in the dining area, serving it to everyone, which proved to be a great success.[1]



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