Cherchay La Femme
Cherchay La Femme
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Hair color Platinum blond
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Occupation Wax museum owner
Family La Femme family (wax dummies)
Production Details
First appearance The Phantom Rides Again!

Cherchay La Femme is the owner of a wax museum in Paris.

Physical appearance

She is extremely beautiful, with long platinum-blond hair.


She keeps a collection of wax figures in her home that she treats like her family. She has a real family elsewhere, but she says this keeps her from feeling lonely.


Her wax museum was haunted by monster figures coming to life. The gang came in to investigate. Fred Jones was smitten with her at first sight, but he backed off when he saw her "family" of dummies. Her weak grip on reality made her a possible suspect to be behind the monsters in her museum.



"They are very loving."

- Cherhay La Femme describing her wax "family"


  • Her name comes from the phrase "cherchez la femme" (French for "find the woman"), a common phrase in detective stories which has become a cliche.

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