This article is about the animated Chris Klug. For the real pro snowboarder, see Chris Klug (snowboarder).

Chris Klug is a pro snowboarder and Olympic medalist. He is based on an actual snowboarder of the same name.

Physical appearance

Chris is a Caucasian male with brown hair. When he was snowboarding, Chris wore a blue coat and pants. As he was resting in the resort, he was wearing a similar outfit that was purple. He was also wearing a cast due to an accident involving the Snow Creature.


He has a friendly, outgoing personality. He loves snowboarding, riding the slopes for the fun of it rather than for fame.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

He was one of the competitors of the snowboarding contest held by Bruce Wilkinson. The day before the gang arrived, he decided to ride his snowboard before the ski slopes closed. During his run, the Snow Creature appeared and began to chase him. While Chris was able to avoid being captured, he ran into a tree and was injured. This results in him being eliminated from the contest.

When the gang heard of his accident upon their arrival, they went to talk to him (much to Fred's amusement). Chris tells them about the creature in the lodge. This launches their investigation into the matter.

Chris was later seen passing through the kitchen with Bruce Wilkinson and Avalanche Anderson. Bruce was trying to convince him and Anderson to compete in the snowboarding competition for the sake of his empire. Chris tells him that he wouldn't.

Chris was present when Avalanche was revealed to be the Snow Creature. He questioned him about his motives, and was disappointed with Avalanche's answer.

He appears again in the end of the episode. He tried to convince Shaggy to try snowboarding, saying that he was still officially in the contest.


In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Anders Bye Norwegian


Chris: "Whoa, getting mighty dark here. Looks like the last run of the night. Who's in? Gretchen?"