Cicada Creature
Cicada monster
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Identity Grandma Moonbeam
Reason Revenge against Destroido
Powers and abilities Control swarms of cicadas
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: When the Cicada Calls
Played by Frank Welker (as Grandma Moonbeam's cicada voice)

The Cicada Creature is a creature made of a swarm of cicadas used to disguise Grandma Moonbeam.

Physical appearance

The cicada monster

Cicada creature costume.

The Cicada monster was shown to be large and creepy with a deep voice. It shows it does not look like a cartoon version. It looks like a black and brown creature full of cicadas.

Powers and abilities

The Cicada Creature can shoot swarms of cicadas to attack his enemies.


The Cicada Creature has a bad attitude and is pretty dangerous.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Destroido Corp. employees heard a creepy voice on the phone warning them to quit their jobs and leave town. When they ignored it, a huge brown Cicada Creature would attack them with a swarm of cicadas.

People went to the hospital to get first aid from the Cicada Monster's attack. Kelsepsian was the first, after the cicadas forced his car off the road. The nurse got a cicada out of his nose. Sheriff Bronson Stone got frightened by the cicadas.

Hugh Dederdee was next, attacked by cicadas in his shower; he went to the hospital.

Ed Machine, the Destroido Corp. CEO, refused to go back to the healthy recipe for Nature Slivers. He was playing golf when he was attacked by cicadas. He showed up again some days later, apparently without serious injury.

At the Cicada Fair, Scooby-Doo and the gang went into the house of spooky things and they were attacked by the Cicada Creature. They ran for the vacuum trap Fred Jones, Jr. had prepared in the Mystery Machine.

Scooby turned on the vacuum and all the cicadas got sucked into the it, revealing Grandma Moonbeam in a beekeeper outfit. Grandma Moonbeam wanted to get revenge on the people who were putting landfill waste into Nature Slivers. She watched TV and saw a person that was using a machine that controls animals such as penguins.

Instead of using penguins, she used cicadas to create the Cicada Creature. Moonbeam would have succeeded too, if it weren't for those meddling young people. (When the Cicada Calls)



"You did not heed my warning!"

"I told you, if you did not quit your job at Destroido and leave forever, something terrible will happen to you.

"I warned you!"

"I told you, if you did not quit your job at Destroido and leave town forever, something terrible will happen.

"Seize your useless investigation, or something terrible will happen to you tomorrow tonight!"

"Heed my warning! Heed it! Heed!"

"You will pay the price!"

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