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Clown Phibes
Clown Phibes
Vital Statistics
Alias Clown Clone Phibes[1]
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Blond (under a clown wig)
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Affiliation Phineus Phibes
Production Details
First appearance S&SDGaC: The Many Faces of Evil
Played by Jeff Bennett

"Clown" Phibes is the genetic clone of Dr. Phineus Phibes, created from tampering with nano-infused Scooby Snacks.

Physical appearance

Pirate Phibes is a Caucasian male. He wears clown makeup and a ridiculous costume.


Beside from being inherently evil, each clone also has a distinct heightened aspect of Dr. Phibes's own (sometimes hidden) personality; this one apparently stems from Dr. Phibes's secret dreams of being a clown.

Skills and abilities

The pies that he throws explode when they hit something.


Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!

Season two

Insert details here. (The Many Faces of Evil)

After Evil Phibes ousted his genetic namesake from his own lair, he launched the Doomsday Machine to destroy the Earth. Realising that the other clones had his DNA, and therefore could potential deactivate it, he sent all of his clone brothers into a pit.[2]



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