Coolsonian Criminology Museum

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Coolsonian criminology museum

The Coolsonian Criminology Museum is situated in the gang's home town of Coolsville.

The Pterodactyl Ghost sneaked in and pretended to be a costume. He stole the 10,000 Volt Ghost costume and the Black Knight Ghost costume and escaped with the Evil Masked Figure.

List of museum exhibits



Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

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  • A deleted scene shows two crazy security guards doing static on each other. The 10,000-Volt Ghost appears out of the plug and destroys the code and the door opens with the Black Knight Ghost coming. The 10,000 Volt Ghost zaps the 2 security guards. Then, the Black Knight Ghost and the 10,000 Volt Ghost steal the rest of the costumes.
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