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Creeping Creatures
Creeping Creatures
Vital Statistics
Members Green gator
Blue green gator
Brown gator
Base of operations Gatorsburg
Other Statistics
Identity Grady Gator, Greta Gator, and Gunther Gator
Reason To hide their product counterfeiting operation
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: The Creeping Creatures

The Creeping Creatures were the anthropomorphic alligator disguises of Grady Gator, Greta Gator, and Gunther Gator.

Physical appearance

  • The big muscular gator person has black hair, green scales, a yellow belly, nasty claws, creepy teeth, red eyes, spikes, and a long tail.
  • The female gator person has curly orange hair, blue scales, a turquoise belly, spikes, ugly claws, ugly teeth, a long tail, and red eyes.
  • The slender gator person has brown hair, brown scales, red eyes, sharp teeth, sharp claws, spikes, a light brown belly, and a long tail.

Powers and abilities

They seemed to be strong; they could crawl very fast; and had razor teeth.



Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Gator family unmasked

The Gator family; Grady, Greta, and Gunther unmasked.

The Gator family wanted to bring money back to Gatorsburg after the gator wells dried up, so they started making imitation gator-skin and passing it off as the genuine article. They dressed up as gator people to scare people off while they ran their counterfeit business.[1]



Gator Person

A Gator costume in the Crystal Cove Spook Museum in the online game.

  • It's easy to tell who they are because they look just like the people behind the mask.


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