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Crunchy Granville
Crunchy Granville
Vital Statistics
Birthname Charles Granville
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Occupation Resort owner; ecological extremist (incarcerated)
Affiliation Granville Resorts
Production Details
First appearance WNSD: She Sees Sea Monsters by the Sea Shore
Played by Jeff Glen Bennett

Charles "Crunchy" Granville was the owner of Granville Resorts.

Physical appearance

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He wanted to protect the habitat of underwater wildlife so badly he went to the extreme of bringing to life the legend of the sea serpent Motoshondu to do it.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

Crunchy Granville exposed

Crunchy is the culprit behind Motoshondu.

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Crunchy: And if it weren't for you meddlin' mainlanders, I would've gotten away with it, too.

In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Anders Bye Norwegian
Adam Fietz Swedish

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