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Crystal Cove Police Department
Cc police department
Part of Crystal Cove
First appearance SDMI: Beware The Beast From Below
"Our motto is 'to serve and protect,' not 'to serve and protect from Man-Crabs'!"
- Sheriff Bronson Stone, Revenge Of The Man Crab

Crystal Cove Police Department is where Sheriff Bronson Stone works and where the culprits are first taken to.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

The gang was briefly jailed there after a successful case, for their vigilante crime-solving. (Beware The Beast From Below)

Alice May was freed from her cell there by Mr. E's henchman. (The Legend Of Alice May)

The gang reported the attack of the Fright Hound there, but they weren't believed. (Howl Of The Fright Hound)

The Wild Brood bikers were held there. (The Wild Brood)

The gang stopped by there after Sheriff Stone was fired and they collected the things from his desk from Deputy Bucky. (Dead Justice)

Season two

People who were compelled to destroy their own property in their sleep by the Dreamweaver were held there.



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