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Crystal Cove Spook Museum
Crystal Cove Spook Museum
Vital Statistics
Type Tourist museum
Part of Crystal Cove
Owned by Dale Dinkley (pre-Nibiru); Angie Dinkley (pre-Nibiru)
Other Statistics
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: Beware the Beast from Below

Crystal Cove Spook Museum was a tourist attraction in Crystal Cove, owned by Velma Dinkley's parents, Dale and Angie.

Velma sometimes helps give tours.[1] She has no enthusiasm about it because she knows all the ghosts are fake.

One of the activities is a "Mystery Tour" run by Angie.[2]

When Mystery Inc. destroyed the Evil Entity, the universe was altered, creating a town that was unaffected by its influence and thus having no need to make a museum for all the strange phenomena and fake monsters terrorizing Crystal Cove.[3]


List of museum exhibits


Inside the museum


  • Monster exhibit: Once the costumes have been removed from the bad guys, they are placed here.
  • The Broken Spine: A gift shop, bookstore, and coffee bar.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Velma led a tour group there, and ended getting shushed by her parents for being too honest about the fake ghosts.[1]

The gang looked through an extensive collection of vampire books in the museum's gift shop.[5]

Professor Pericles was getting ectoplasm from the museum to mix an antidote for Aphrodite's hypnotic mind powers (but what he really wanted and obtained there was an industrial-grade drill-bit).[6]

Fred Jones and Daphne Blake visited the museum after-hours as a date. They mentioned that Flim-Flam was in jail for con artistry, and that in regards to Scrappy-Doo, Fred swore that they would never to speak of him again.[7]

Velma and Shaggy Rogers went there to look for an incantation to break a curse of the Headless Horror. While there, they attempted to rekindle their relationship.[8]

The gang went there and met Lady Marmalade, barista and exorcist.[4]

Season two

A man was in the Spook Museum when Crybaby Clown scared him off.[9]

The gang went there to pretend to look up information about the Krampus. They also pretended to be surprised to find the Charlie the Haunted Robot exhibit missing.[10]

The gang went there to get information about aliens.[11]

In response to a distress call the gang went there and found the place had been raided by the Gluten Demon.[12]

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When the Evil Entity was destroyed, it altered reality for all of Crystal Cove; meaning there was nothing to make profit from. There was no sign above the front door, implying it was just a regular shop.[3]




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