Dale Dinkley

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Dale Dinkley is the father of Velma and owns the Crystal Cove Spook Museum with his wife Angie; together they both try to keep their daughter from talking about the ghosts being fakes, thinking it will spoil their tourist business.

Physical appearance

He wears a turtleneck like Velma but has a V stripe on it and wears a orange overcoat with sport trousers that would usually be worn in a game of cricket.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

He and Angie interrupted Velma from revealing that the monsters of Crystal Cove were only criminals in costumes, because it would ruin their business.

He watched as Velma got ready for the prom and his wife took a picture. He appeared disappointed when she put on her turtleneck sweater over her dress.

He and his wife came to get Velma out of jail, and showed up after the Freak was caught to take Velma home.


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