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Dan Slott
Dan Slott
Gender Male
Occupation Comic book writer

Dan Slott is a comic-book writer.

In the early 1990s Slott's broke into the comics industry as a college intern at Marvel Comics for (then) editor Fabian Nicieza. What Marvel didn't know was that Slott had recently graduated from college and had taken the non-paying position as a way to make contacts and learn the ropes. After a few months at Marvel, Slott was told that Marvel wanted to hire him for a staff position, but wanted him to finish his college education first. At this point in time, Slott dropped the ruse, and was put on staff full-time. In the following years Slott served as Marvel's art returnist, an assistant editor, and gave the guided tours of the offices. During this time, he also worked as both a freelance writer and colorist.

Slott's big break came when he became the regular writer for Marvel’s Ren and Stimpy comic. He also wrote many issues of DC’s Looney Tunes series. Along with writing assignments for titles such as Mighty Mouse, Scooby Doo and Batman Adventures, Slott came to be known as a “funny animals” or children’s writer. While he enjoyed the work, Slott bristled at being pigeon-holed, and took the chance to show his darker side in 2003 with the Arkham Asylum: Living Hell miniseries. The book's twisted humor was widely appreciated, as were Slott's imaginative additions to the Batman universe.[1]

Stories worked on

Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

Issue Title Role
5 Legend Of The Silver Scream writer
50 Big House Brouhaha writer


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