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Dana Kurtin
Gender Male
Occupation Comic book editor

Dana Kurtin is a comic-book editor. She has done editing work for DC's Scooby-Doo.

Stories worked on

Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

Issue Title Role
18 Are We Scared Yet? editing
18 Sound Stage Spook editing
19 The Curse Of The Scary Scarab editing
19 Psychic Psyche-Out! editing
20 Wraithcar Driver editing
20 Ghost In The Machina editing
21 Revenge Of The Mudman editing
21 Revenge, Inc. editing
22 Goop On The Loose editing
22 The Curse Of Wrangler Field! editing
23 The Big Lake Fake editing
23 The Haunted Halibut editing
24 Don't Believe What You See! editing
24 Surf's Up, Monster's Down editing
26 One Night In Roswell Part One: Spies From The Skies editing
26 One Night In Roswell Part 2: Attack Of The Agents In Black editing

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