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Dandy Highwayman
Dandy Highwayman
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Other Statistics
Identity Librarian
Reason To impress women
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: Stand and Deliver
Played by James Marsters

The Dandy Highwayman was the disguise of the Crystal Cove Librarian.

Physical appearance

He wears a mask, and looks quite appealing to females.


Although he acts nice to females he is a thief. He steals things and also has blown up some people's cars. He also likes to say "stand and deliver". He pretends to listen to women attentively, which attracts them, but he actually uses earplugs.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Librarian unmasked

Librarian unmasked.

He used it to impress women, because he had been lonely his whole life.


  • The Dandy Highwayman is the only disguised villain of the series to not be a monster (ghost, demon, alien or any other supernatural being). Except, he may possibly be a living literature character because of the book about his adventures, which puts him in among the monsters included in the DC Comics story, The Library Lurker.
  • The character was inspired by pop star Adam Ant, who refers to himself as "the Dandy Highwayman", in the hit 1981 Adam And The Ants song, "Stand and Deliver."


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