Danny Darrow

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Danny Darrow
Danny darrow
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Hair color White
Eye color Glowing white
Other Statistics
Family Darrows (all deceased but him)
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: Escape From Mystery Manor
Played by Dwight Schultz
Will Shadley (as a boy)
"No one outwits Danny Darrow!"
- Danny Darrow, Escape From Mystery Manor

Danny Darrow was a crazed hermit, and the surviving youngest member of the Darrow family.

Physical appearance

Danny Darrow (Younger)

Danny Darrow as a child

Due to his self imposed exile and obsession over his treasure he has grown into a decrepit, malnourished dwarf with an unkempt look.


He is really aggressive because of his treasure.

Skills and abilities

Though clearly psychotic from years of isolation and loneliness, Darrow has unusual skills with traps and uses good sword skills with his hot poker.


Early life

He and his family were fighting over a puzzle-piece artifact that might be a clue to the haunted treasure of the conquistadors, at the time he got his hands on it, an earthquake caused their mansion to be swallowed up below ground.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

He somehow survived there for about 75 years, outliving his family because he was the youngest. When he was disturbed by the old Mystery Incorporated he thought they were after his treasure, and he tried to fill the mansion with traps for them, but they left while he was still working on the traps.

When the gang discovered a way down to the mansion, his crazed mind mistook them for the original Mystery Inc., and he tried to trap and kill them. They managed to escape, and eventually he realized they were not who he thought. He gave them the puzzle piece and let them escape, just as the ground around the mansion began collapsing again, leaving his fate ambiguous.


Daniel Darrow (post-Nibiru)

When the gang created an alternate timeline, it was shown that he was the dean of Darrow University, and that Darrow Mansion was now a historic landmark.



"Welcome back, Mystery Incorporated. This time you'll never leave!"

"I'm surprised you forgot Mr. Perfect big chin man."

"Mystery Incorporated will not get out of this mansion alive! This time!"

"Don't worry, the only dinner being served tonight will be you!"

"You stay out of my room! Stay away from my treasure!"

"My treasure! My treasure!"

"You found it! Give it back!"

"I won't deny it. You are a worthy opponent."

"Truth be told, I kinda lost track."

"Don't worry about me! Now's your chance to escape!"

"Keep it! And may it bring you more happiness than it ever brought me!"


  • Danny seems to be loosely based off of Bobby Barrows from Clock Tower.
  • He also bears many simalarities to Smeagol/Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

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