Daphne Blake (Vampire Daphne)

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Daphne Blake (Vampire Daphne)
Vampire Daphne
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Hair color Orange-red
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Identity Daphne Blake
Reason To practice for the school play
Powers and abilities Flight
Production Details
First appearance Daphne Has Risen From The Grave!

Vampire Daphne was the disguise of the young Daphne Blake.

Physical appearance

She looks like a white-faced vampire, and she wears a purple cape with red lining.


She acts hungry and aggressive.

Powers and abilities

She seemed to have the power of flight, but it was done with wires.


Hanna-Barbera Presents (Archie Comics)

After Daphne went exploring in a cave where Scooby-Doo thought there might be vampire bats, she showed up looking like a vampire. It turned out she was just practicing for a school play, The Return of the Wife of the Son of the Vampire 2.



"I hunger!"

- Vampire Daphne

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