Daphne Blake/biographical account of comic appearances

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Daphne Blake/biographical account of comic appearances
Scooby in the booby hatch
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Hair color Orange-red
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Affiliation Mystery Inc.
Production Details

Daphne Blake is the rich and fashionable member of Mystery Inc..

This page is for additional biographical facts about her that can be gathered from the comics.


Early life

Daphne is a former cheerleader. (Cheers For Fears) Daphne graduated from the high school where Principal Weathers is in charge. When they visited the school later, a old teacher named Mrs. Harpee recognized the the whole gang and tried to give them detention. (High School Ghoul)

Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

Weathers is proud of her "famous graduates" and invited them all back as chaperones for a prom. (Prom Fright)




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