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Dark Lilith
Dark Lilith
Vital Statistics
Species Demon
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black (orange sclera)
Other Statistics
Identity Hot Dog Water
Reason To get the fifth piece of the Planispheric Disk for Mr. E
Powers and abilities Flight; super strength
Affiliation Mr. E
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: Night on Haunted Mountain
Played by Linda Cardellini

Dark Lilith was the second disguise of Hot Dog Water (Marcie Fleach). It shares the same "super-helium" technology as her first costume of the Manticore, and was used in a gambit to draw out Mystery Incorporated and get them to locate a section of the Planispheric Disk.

Physical appearance

Dark Lilith takes the form of a female humanoid demon. It includes elements of a gargoyle, a succubus, and a serpent. The demon is marked by its massive leathery wings, curled horns, a sinuous devil tail, and scales down the front of its throat, as well as glowing red eyes.

The demoness wears a strapless-style top, a flowing red loin-cloth style skirt, thigh-high black boots, and opera-length black gloves which may be attached to her top. the demonic head/hair/horns/eyes are in fact afull helmet or mask.


Dark lilith has personality traits like a banshee, shrieking about doom.

Powers and abilities

  • Flight: Marcie "re-purposed" her old Manticore super-helium technology to give herself flight.
  • Super-strength: Some of the Manticore's powered armor must have gone into giving her superhuman upper-body strength, enough to toss Fred around.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Dark Lilith unmasked as Hot Dog Water

Hot Dog Water unmasked.

Mr. E sent Hot Dog Water to Mount Diabla to search the Spanish Galleon for its piece of the Planispheric Disk. She disguised herself as the Dark Lilith to lure the gang to the mountain and use Fred Jones to get past the traps for her. When she got finally got the piece, she gave them the disk piece after Velma caught her. She then used the suit's abilities to escape into the sunset, fleeing both Mystery Incorporated and the wrath of Mr. E.



  • "Lilith" is a female demon figure in Judeo-Christian mythology, supposedly the primordial she-demon (and alternately first wife of Adam). The monster here, however, is called Dark Lilith, although it's still credited as "Lilith" in the cast credits.

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