The Dauntless

The Dauntless was a cargo ship carrying priceless treasure to Lake Michigan, Wisconsin. The ship is originally a regular cargo ship, and later a ghost ship after a crash on the rocks due to being caught in a storm without a lighthouse.


Early history

The Dauntless was a cargo ship carrying priceless treasure near Lake Michigan, Wisconsin. While making the trip it managed to get caught in a terrible storm. Deciding to take advantage of the situation, the lighthouse keeper switched off the lighthouse with the intent to cause the Dauntless to crash into the rocks and steal the treasure. Supposedly the crew were never discovered. The Dauntless would not be discovered either, as the lighthouse keeper was knocked from the lighthouse and supposedly died.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

However, When the gang arrived, the Dauntless was haunting the lake as a ghost ship.


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