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Dave Hunt
Gender Male
Occupation Comic book writer and artist

Dave Hunt is a comic-book writer and artist. He has done writing and inking work for DC's Scooby-Doo.

Stories worked on

Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

Main article(s): Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)
Issue Title Role
27 Cut To The Chase inks
28 Last Of The Mugwumps inks
30 Spring-Heeled Jack inks
31 Phantom of the Wrestling Ring! inks
32 It's A Wrap inks
33 Return Of The Star Dog inks
34 The Hound Of The Basket Cases inks
35 Phast Phood Phantom inks
36 Double Trouble inks
37 Bee Ball! inks
38 The Curse Of The Jungle Tomb inks
39 Two Heads Are Better Than None inks
41 Trolly Molly inks
41 Down In The Dumps inks
42 Dig Them Bones inks
43 Nutcracker Not-So-Sweet inks
44 Planet-Terrorium inks
44 The Jersey Devil inks
45 Rest In Pizza inks
46 Ghost Writer inks
47 Bats What I'm Afraid Of inks
48 Yikes! It's The Vikings! inks
50 Big House Brouhaha inks
52 The Haunted Cave writer, inks
53 Prom Fright inks
54 Kayak Attack inks
59 Ghouls On Film inks
65 Screechy Keen inks
67 The Fright Before Christmas! inks
68 Creature Feature inks
69 Land-Grabbing Ghosts inks
71 Doozy Ghoulespie inks
73 The Boston Pulse Snatcher inks
80 The Gray Man inks
87 The Monster Of Shoogy Cove inks
89 How's Bayou? inks
90 All My Tomorrows inks
90 The White Shoe Scare inks
91 The Maze Of Maize inks
91 Roller Ghoster inks
92 Code Of Dishonor inks
94 Spared Tires inks
94 What Is What Is What inks

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