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Demon (A Frightened Hound Meets Demons Underground)
Demon (A Frightened Hound Meets Demons Underground)
Vital Statistics
Species Demon
Gender Male
Eye color Yellow
Other Statistics
Identity Sam Crenshaw
Reason To steal from an underground village
Powers and abilities Flight; appearing in a puff of smoke; sizzling handprints
Production Details
First appearance TSDS: A Frightened Hound Meets Demons Underground
Played by John Stephenson

The Demon was the disguise of Sam Crenshaw.

Physical appearance

The demon was a large red humanoid with sharp claws, wings, gray horns on the top of its head, and yellow eyes.


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Powers and abilities

  • Flight: Wings makes it capable of flight.
  • Appearing in a puff of smoke: Crenshaw had chemicals to produce the smoke.
  • Sizzling handprints: The same chemicals were used to make the demon leave fiery handprints.


Early life

According to a legend, one day in Seattle in the mid-to-late 1800s, a crack formed in the ground, and smoke and demons started coming out. They terrorized Seattle for years until a strange man showed up and used an ancient talisman to drive them back into the hole. The townspeople sealed the hole with an iron lid so they couldn't get back out.

The Scooby-Doo Show

Season one

He wanted to steal things from an underground village beneath Seattle.


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