Destiny Scroll

The Destiny Scroll contains a riddle showing how to find the Sword of Doom.


Scooby-Doo! and the Samurai Sword

The scroll was protected at the Mirimoto Academy from the outside world.

The Ghost of the Black Samurai attempted to steal the scroll, so he could find the Sword of Doom. However, what he stole was a fake, leaving the gang to solve the riddle of the real one. Velma Dinkley was tricked solving the riddle, and helping the cunning Miss Mirimoto to get the cursed sword. When Mirimoto held the scroll to the full moon, the moonlight showed a hidden secret, saying that the spell would be broken when the Sword of Doom was unveiled beneath the full moon, while the wielder stood on the bridge of the Black Samurai's defeat.



  • In spite of the fact that it was folded into a origami dragon, the Destiny Scroll shows up later without any creases.