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Destroido Corp.
Destroido Corp.
Vital Statistics
Type Industrial plant
Part of Crystal Cove
Owned by Ricky Owens/Mr. E
Other Statistics
Haunted by Cicada Creature;[1]
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: When the Cicada Calls

Destroido Corp. was a seedy company in Crystal Cove, known for its flagrant environmental violations and unsound, possibly dangerous products. Notable for its habit of absorbing other companies for their valuable assets, as well as for declaring itself a "sovereign corporation,"[2] thus standing immune form local, state, and federal law enforcement, regulation, and taxation.

When the gang reset history, Destroido became the complete opposite in the form of Creationex Corp.[3]


Former employees


Physical appearance

Destroido Corp. is a large, dark building with glass doors and a big parking lot. It has two tall chimneys, always sending its polluting smoke in the air. Also nearby, is a river where the company dumps glowing green waste into.


Early history

Grandma Moonbeam was CEO of a smaller company she sold to them, and was still employed by them to appear in Nature Slivers commercials.[1] At some point, Destroido bought out Dr. Quest's Quest Research Laboratories and all of its assets.[7]

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Three of its employees were attacked by the Cicada Creature.[1]

They held a press conference to introduce a lead-filled gelatin candy, Gummy Dummies. Machine said all what he thought the press needed to hear, and simply told them to go after taking their free samples.[4]

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Season two

Destroido had been polluting the countryside surrounding it for apparently decades, resulting in the creation of various plant and animal mutations and the general destruction of the environment, including the local campground. Those few brave enough to enter the camp grounds were attacked by what appeared to be a giant, mutant bear. The pollution had also devastated George Avocados's family avocado farm.[2]

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When Ricky locked Pericles out of the Destroido system, the parrot furiously knocked him down stating that he's been nothing but a shoulder for him to perch upon. When Ricky tries to get id of Pericles, he discovers that Pericles was informed of his treachery by Brad and Judy, so he planted mutated cobra larvae in his spine while asleep, putting him under his control. He announces that they steal the Planispheric Disk from the gang, then destroy them. (The Devouring)


In the alternative timeline, it became an environmentally friendly organization named Creationex Corp.[3]