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Dewey Ottoman was the assistant director of Talent Star.

Physical appearance

He is an Caucasian male with dark brown hair.


He is compulsive about cleanliness, especially worried about the germs carried by dogs. He is also capable of murderous rage.


Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright

Dewey unmasked

Ottoman in his unmasked Phantom disguise

He was the assistant director of Talent Star when it came under threat by the Phantom who wanted Chrissy Damon to win the contest. He decided to take the opportunity to steal the Soap Diamond from a nearby exhibit by dressing up as a Phantom himself.




  • Unlike the other Phantoms, his disguise was hastily put together; it didn't include a mask.
  • His last name may come from the novel The Sultan's Favorite: A Phantom Of The Opera Story, in which Erik (the Phantom) flees Paris and becomes the architect for the sultan of the Ottoman empire.

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