Diamond stolen by Theodore Avocados

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Diamond stolen by Avocados

The diamond was supposedly stolen by Theodore Avocados a long time ago.


Early history

Theodore Avocados did steal it, and concealed it as a door-knob, which ended up at the Burlington Library.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

It was the object of a treasure search by Rung Ladderton, leading him to steal all the crystal door-knobs in Crystal Cove and transport them to his hiding place with the Ghost Truck. (The Secret Of The Ghost Rig)

Season two

It was sent as part of a shipment of items from the Burlington Library to lend authenticity to the production of The Donkey That Saved Crystal Cove. It was used by Daphne Blake to decorate a staff carried by Shaggy Rogers, playing Friar Serra. George Avocados, son of the original thief, dressed up as the Mummy of Friar Serra to try to steal it.



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