Doña Dolores
Dona dolores
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Dark gray
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Family Alejo Otero (son);
Luis Otero (son);
Jorge Otero (grandson);
Sofia Otero (daughter-in-law)
Production Details
First appearance Scooby-Doo! and the Monster of Mexico
Played by Rita Moreno

Doña Dolores is the widowed mother of Alejo Otero, the manager of a large hotel in Veracruz, Mexico. Her husband, the original owner of the hotel, died a year prior to the events of the film.

Physical appearance

Dona is an elderly Hispanic female with dark gray hair. She wears a purple skirt, a matching blouse, triangle earrings and a pearl necklace. She also applies red lipstick. She also has bags under her eyes.


Dolores is a kind and loving mother, and maintains an excellent relationship with her sons, daughter-in-law, Sofia and her grandson. However, she is not altogether fond of Luis's fiancée, Charlene, and is relieved when she is carted off to jail at the end, calling her a witch in spanish. She is a determined woman, and good in a crisis, but she did go into hysterics upon informing Luis of Charlene's abduction by El Chupacabra. When confronted by what appeared to be her husband's ghost, she faints but quickly regains consciousness. She also never trusted Diego Fuente and called him a jerk in English. She also agreed with Alejo for not selling the hotel.


Scooby-Doo! and the Monster of Mexico

Dona was at the pool with her extended family, where Alejo introduced her to the gang. She had lunch with the gang and her family when Senor Diego Fuente entered. She revealed that he wanted to buy her family's land and hotel and called him a jerk. When a rainstorm forced everyone inside, she listened to Alejo recount his encounter with El Chupacabra. The next morning, she bid the gang and her sons farewell and was confused by Fred Jones's impromptu and somewhat inaccurate Spanish.

She was present when El Chupacabra apparently abducted Charlene and was left somewhat shocked by the experience. When the gang returned for the Day of the Dead festival, she was being comforted by Sofia and three other women, one of whom thought that Dolores was lucky for having her future daughter-in-law carried off, to which Dona scolded her. When Luis and Alejo asked what had happened, she told them to calm down before promptly bursting into tears and hysterically revealing that Charlene had been taken. After calming down, she and her family left gifts at her husband's gravestone, with Dolores placing a painting as her gift. She and the others when shocked when what claimed to be the ghost of her late husband appeared, and promptly she fainted in shock. The supposed ghost was revealed to be an illusion controlled by Mr. Smiley, and Dona fled with everyone else when El Chupacabra appeared and wreaked havoc. When the creature was subdued and revealed to be Charlene, Dona spoke of her distrust of Charlene and called her a witch in Spanish.

With the threats all gone, Dona waved her finger to Shaggy and lead him, the gang, and her family on a conga dance.


In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Beata Ziejka Polish

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