This article is about the short-length version from Fred's CD. For the full-length end credits version, see Don't Touch My Ascot.
The Ascot Five Greatest Hits!

"Don't Touch My Ascot" is a song by The Ascot Five. It's considered one of their greatest hits and is featured as the first track on the compilation album, The Ascot Five: Greatest Hits!.


Oh no (No no no)
Don't tug my ascot
Don't pull my ascot (It's my ascot)
(oh baby. you ooh ooh)
You can't touch my ascot cos' girl it's mine (it's all mine)
(Do da do da do da)


Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery

Fred Jones played a snippet of the song to the rest of the gang while driving to the KISS World theme park.



  • Out of all the KISS songs in the film, this is the only one they recorded specifically for the film.
  • The album cover of The Ascot Five: Greatest Hits! contradicts the end credits by calling it "You Can't Have My Ascot".

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