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Doogle McGuiness
Doogle McGuinness
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Occupation Student
Affiliation Crystal Cove High School
First appearance SDMI: Grim Judgement
Voice actor Jeff Bennett

Doogle McGuiness is a student at Crystal Cove High School, and a member of the Drama Club.

Physical appearance

He is a brunette with striking good looks.


He was voted "Most European" and "Most Sparkly" in the Drama Club yearbook. He is vain about his acting ability and gets angry when he is replaced in a part.


Doogle played a character in a play called The Scorning who was something like Hebediah Grim, and fellow club member Ethan said he got obsessed with the role. This made Doogle a possible suspect.

He agreed to be in a play about how part of Crystal Cove disappeared into the ocean. The gang believed he quit after the arrival of the mummy, but was still keen to play the part. That also made him a possible suspect to be the mummy. However, he turned out to be innocent once again.


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