Dorothy Blake

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Template:Character Infobox Dorothy Blake is one of five identical sisters of Daphne Blake. She was a race car driver in the pre-Nibiru timeline.

Physical appearance

She has short orange hair in a  bob hair-style and purple eyes.and wearing a purple race car jumpsuit with a green handkerchief around her neck. However after the timeline changed, she now wears a short sleeve shirt with purple pants and pink and white sneakers but still maintain her handkerchief.


Early life

Like her three identical sisters, Dorothy graduated from Darrow University by the time she was thirteen.

She had been engaged at least once (Pawn Of Shadows), but there was nobody joining her at a family dinner party. (The Dragon's Secret)

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Daphne headed off to school, saying goodbye to her sisters standing in a row.

Dorothy attended the dinner party that was interrupted by the Red Wizard.

Season two

After the timeline is reset she along with the rest of Daphne's other sisters are shown to no longer be holding their successful careers.



  • She, along with Delilah, both have the same hairstyle.

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