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Down in the Dumps
Publisher DC Comics
Release date December 2000
Part of Scooby-Doo! #41
Pages 10
Writer John Rozum
Pencils Joe Staton
Inks Dave Hunt
Colors Paul Becton
Letters Naghmeh Zand
Previous Trolley Molly
Next Dig Them Bones

Down in the Dumps is a story in Scooby-Doo! #41 by DC Comics.


A haunted city dump holds the answer to more mysteries than they bargained for!



Shaggy Rogers
Fred Jones
Daphne Blake
Velma Dinkley
Bank robber
Old woman


  • Trash Monster


Suspect Motive/reason
Bank robber The gang discovered his getaway car parked inside the dump, instead of being with all the other junked cars in the dump.
Luigi He said that everybody had been too afraid to take their trash to the dump, ever since the trash monster started showing up.
Old woman She also said that everyone had been too afraid to take their trash to the dump, ever since the trash monster started showing up, and that caused rats, which she hated so much, to hang around the piled-up trash.


Culprit Motive/reason
Bank robber as the Trash Monster He had hidden his loot somewhere at the dump, and he was scaring people away, so that he could pick through the trash to find it in peace. It turned out to be in a bag from "Luigi's Old Napoli Ristorante" Italian restaurant where he got his garlic rolls from.


  • Coolsville
    • "Luigi's Old Napoli Ristorante" Itallian restaurant
    • City Dump
    • Trash-covered street



Plot: The gang investigate a mystery having smelly consequences.

Aigh! Why! Why! A thousand times, why! We were promised no Scrappy-Doo. In this issue we get a whole troop of them! Oh, they may look human, but each of these annoying brats are just one second away from shouting "Puppy Power!" The Evil One lives.

Take my advice. Tenderly tip-toe around the toad tots. Here are the good bits for which to watch. The gang works closely with a sharp, striking investigative reporter. The monster--an effective ghost--eschews holograms and rubber suits and relies upon plausible science fiction. The sympathetic monster maker's motive is understandable.

The stronger of the two mysteries easily rates five bullets alone entertains with an ingenious premise. The monster truly looks the part, and though the gang are in perfect character, Mr. Rozum adds a neat twist. Shaggy attempts to use a Scooby Snack only for his sneaky plan to backfire.

On page five Mr. Staton carries on a great chase scene that could have easily been filmed for the series. Mr. Rozum rescues Fed's penchant for setting Rube Goldberg styled traps, and every one of Mystery Inc. plays a part in solving the mystery. [1]



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