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Dusk series

The Dusk novels are a series of teen vampire romance novels by former Darrow University teacher Regina Wentworth.

According to Daphne Blake, the books in the series are as follows:

  • Dusk
  • Dusk: Early Evening
  • Dusk: Just Before Bedtime



"Author of the Dusk teen vampire romance series? Oh, my gosh! I've read them all! Dusk, Dusk: Early Evening, Dusk: Just Before Bedtime... Forbidden love! Hidden desire! Fred, those books are so us! Just with less... bloodletting."

- Daphne Blake


  • The series is a parody of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Each cover of a Dusk novel corresponds to a Twilight cover, featuring an apple, a flower, and a ribbon respectively.
  • There was a movie series adapted from the novels. The title of the fourth movie is Dusk 4: Still Dusk. A were-turtle played by Baylor Hotner is part of the movies.

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