Dwayne McDuffie
Dwayne McDuffie
Birthname Dwayne Glenn McDuffie
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Date of birth (1962-02-20)February 20, 1962
Place of birth Detroit, Michigan, USA
Date of death February 21, 2011(2011-02-21) (aged 49)
Place of death Burbank, California, USA
Occupation Writer

Dwayne McDuffie was an American writer of comic books and television, known for creating the animated television series Static Shock (starring Phil LaMarr, Jason Marsden and Kevin Michael Richardson), writing and producing the animated series Justice League Unlimited and the Ben 10 franchise, and co-founding the pioneering minority-owned-and-operated comic-book company Milestone Media.

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What's New, Scooby-Doo?

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Season 1
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