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Stone kids

Eastwood, Norris, Billy and Lynda Carter Stone are the three sons and daughter of Sheriff Bronson Stone and Janet Nettles in a world that was unnaffected by the Evil Entity.

Physical appearance

All three Stone boys are prepubescent children with brown hair and each of them seems to each a different cowboy clothing.

  • Eastwood: Wearing a cowboy hat, a poncho, brown pants and boots.
  • Norris: Wearing a cowboy hat, a blue jacket, black pants and brown boots.
  • Billy Jack: Wearing a cowboy hat, a long tan jacket, red collar shirt, blue pants and brown boots.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated


After the gang defeated the Evil Entity and created a different Crystal Cove, they first encountered Stone and Nettles and surprised to see they had four kids. They non-chalantly said they were going to the beach and Nettles reminded Daphne Blake that she was babysitting the next night; according to Stone, Eastwood, Norris and Billy all have to be in bed by 8:00pm while their sister could stay up as much as she wants on account of her being more adorable than her brothers.



  • It's obvious that the Stone boys are named after three famous cowboy-themed men:
    • Clint Eastwood.
    • Chuck Norris 
    • Billy Jack (Tom Laughlin).
  • Lynda Carter is probably named after the actress (known for her role on television as Wonder Woman).

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