Encyclopedia Scoobtania

Volume 'P' of the Encyclopedia Scoobatanica.

Encyclopedia Scoobatanica Is a set of general knowledge encyclopedia books which span least 26 volumes. Each volume is separated into an individual letter of the Alphabet.

Physical appearance

Each book is made up of many pages contained within a green outer cover. The title and letter each volume represents are in a centered bold red typeface. Each volume in the collection follow a similar layout format. The spine of the book collection has two red bindings between which the cover letter is neatly displayed.


The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo

Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo use the entire collection of Encyclopedias as a distraction during their first meeting with the Brewski Sisters. Disgused as 'crazy' travelling door to Door salesmen they enter the sisters home, destory several peices of their property, including the sisters living room light and use the darkness to steal Their Black Book of Spells. [1]



  • It is a parody of Encyclopædia Britannica.
  • Shaggy says "Encyclopedia Scoobatanica", but the front cover says "Encyclopedia Scoobtania".
  • Oddly, the 'P' volume of the book contains an entry for the duck billed platypus.


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