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Enigma Macnine

The Enigma Machine van was the original Mystery Incorporated's main use of transportation in their hometown of Crystal Cove. Mr. E (Ricky Owens) kept it in adulthood.

Physical appearance

The van is incredibly similar to the Mystery Machine in terms of size and shape. It is purple with 'Enigma Engine' in green lettering on the side.


Presumably added after the original Mystery Incorporated owned it, a large missile could be ejected from the van. (The Horrible Herd)


Mr. E, Professor PericlesBrad Chiles and Judy Reeves sat on the roof of the Enigma Machine in the outskirts of town as Pericles watched the Horrible Herd destroy Crystal Cove.

It sat underground while Professor Pericles was awaiting the excavation of the Evil Entity's seal.


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