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This page is about the acting troupe. For the theater that was labeled with their name, see Fangenschanz (theater).
Vital Statistics
Members Bram and four unnamed actors
Other Statistics
Occupation Performers
Alignment Evil
Production Details
First appearance Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire

Fangenschanz is the name of an acting troupe that portrays vampires. They are so much into the role that they only perform at night.




Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire

They believed that their enactment of a vampire resurrection ritual had raised a real vampire, Lord Valdronya. Vincent Van Helsing used their belief against them, duping them into helping him kidnap Daphne Blake as a "vampire bride." They believed they would be rewarded with immortality, by being converted into real vampires.


Footnotes and references

  1. voiced by Robert Townsend
  2. voiced by Rob Paulsen
  3. voiced by Julianne Buescher
  4. voiced by Obba Babatunde

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